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2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Inviting Loved Ones on a Skin Care Journey

“How do I share information about skin care with loved ones?” We all know a friend with a teenage daughter suffering through acne or someone who is always commenting on how bad about how their skin looks. What is the best way to share tips and tricks with loved ones? A great holiday gift, of course! 

Check out our wonderful lineup for this year’s best and most popular Environ product gift sets.

First, let’s take a poll to determine your best set type for your loved one (or yourself!)

Are they the skin care enthusiast, a skincare maximizer, or a classic beauty lover?

Skincare enthusiast

This person may say any of the following: 

“I know my skin, have used Environ before, and I am obsessed!”

“I know the basics of how a skin peel works, serums, and layering products for the body. I want to do it all and dive in.” 

“Even though I am a beginner at skincare, I am willing to learn and try everything! I like trying new things.”

In this deluxe, 360º Environ holiday gift set, the recipient will get a plethora of amazing Environ product options to try and use including the luxurious retinol-filled Hydrating Oil Capsules, two silky body products exfoliating DermaLac lotion and smoothing Body Oil, a gentle chemical-based overnight Revival masque (with brush!), as well as a powerful retinol-filled C-Quence eye gel and winter-friendly Super Moisturizer. This set could not be more comprehensive without coming with an actual plastic surgeon!

Skincare Maximizer

This person is busy and is efficient at time management. Give this person a deadline, and they will no doubt meet it! This set is a power-punch combination that gets right to the heart of the topic.

This person may say any of the following:

“I have a great routine already, but I’d love some power-punching products to give my skin a boost.”

“I would love to use a skin care tool to boost my already awesome skincare routine.”

“Anything skincare related is awesome; I’m not afraid of any tool, new serum, nothing!”

This high-end set includes some newer and truly innovative Environ products as well as the DF tool. For the person that may already know much about the skin, even they will appreciate the nouveau approach of skincare behind this holiday gift set. Coming with the brightening and truly rejuvenating Revival Masque and the newest overnight serum, this person will feel both pampered and impressed you gave them a gift that knows them so well! 

The Classic Beauty Lover

This elegant advanced skincare set is timeless and appropriate for anyone with an appreciation for the beautiful things in life. Whether they already use Environ or not, if this user is familiar with the classics like serums, eye gels, cleanser and toner, this set is for them and has it all! Step by step, this is a classy way to say “I think you’re just great” with a high-end gift they’ll treasure deep into next year. 

This classy person may say some of the following:
“I get the most out of my skincare, and love a whole set that is meant to go together.”

“I love Environ skincare so much; anything from them is going to be a great gift.”

“It’s hard for me to adopt a new skincare line, but if I have the whole set at once, I would give it a go.”


With Gratitude

Showing gratitude is the most fun part of the holiday season. It’s nice to take a look back at the long year behind us, treasuring the people that made the year great (even if that was you!) and showing that appreciation in the form of self-love and great skincare. 

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