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6 Most Common Skin Concerns and Solutions (Aging, dehydrated, dry, pigmented, sensitive or blemish-prone skin)

We are all experiencing one or some combination of these all too common skin conditions: aging, dehydrated, dry, sensitive, sun-damaged or overly pigmented, blemish-prone or problematic skin. Let us dive into each of these skin concerns and learn the solutions to address them.

Aging Skin

The natural process of aging is when the skin naturally starts to lose its immunity and ability to protect itself from the sun and environmental influences. The cell regenerating process is slowed down and the skin’s surface becomes thinner and struggles to hold moisture. 

The natural process of aging combined with sun exposure, smoking, pollution and toxins destroy essential vitamins in the skin and cause aging. Clients who express concerns with aging skin often wish for skin that appears plump, bright, smooth, evenly textured and even toned.

What traits do we see in aging skin, and why?
  • As we age, the outermost layer, the epidermis, becomes thinner. This thinning makes the appearance of wrinkles and “sagging” all more obvious.
  • Pigmentation spots also contribute to the idea of aged skin. In the dermis, collagen and elastin break down, affecting the skin’s elasticity and strength.
  • Blood vessels become more fragile, leading to easier bleeding or bruising underneath the skin.
  • The sebaceous glands produce less oil, resulting in skin that is dry, itchy and harder to keep moist.

Does your skin have the following characteristics?
–Thinning Texture

–Wrinkles and Fine Lines
–Appearance of Sun Damage

–Decrease in Moisture

Recommended Treatments for Aging Skin:
–Youth Reset Essential Facial
–Youth Renew Cool Peel
–Vibrant-C Cool Peel
–Microneedling Series

Recommended Products for Aging Skin
Environ Vitamin A “Step-up” Program with Youth EssentiA products:
–Vita-Peptide C Quence Serum 1-4 or Vita-Antioxidant AVST Moisturizer 1-4 and Eye Gel
–Concentrated Retinol Serums 1-3

–Customized Environ targeted products as needed. Ask us about some powerful and effective targeted products to complement your daily skin care routine and concern for aging skin.

Dehydrated Skin

While dehydrated skin is a common byproduct of aging skin, many younger individuals exhibit this condition as well. A dehydrated skin type lacks water content. This type of skin can be recognized by very fine lines and wrinkles. This skin type is easily treated by boosting products with ingredients using high hydration formulations to remedy healthy acid mantle levels.

Clients who express concerns with dehydrated skin often describe the overall look of tight skin. Do the fine cracks and flaking appearance of your skin concern you? Dehydrated skin tends to have a rough texture combined with dryness due to low levels of oil and decreased moisture. The common complaint from clients is that the skin feels “tight.” Does this sound like you?

Recommended Treatments for Dehydrated Skin:
–The Moisture Boost Essential facial
–Moisture Boost Cool Peel

Recommended Products for Dehydrated Skin:
–Vita-Peptide C Quence Serum 1-4 or Vita-Antioxidant AVST Moisturizer 1-4 and Eye Gel
–Vita-Antioxidant Defence Creme Plus
–HA Intensive Hydrating Serum
–Tri Bio-Botanical Revival Masque

Remember, drinking water and ingesting an array of colorful fruits and vegetables is crucial for the body system.

Dry Skin (Lacks Oil)

Commonly mixed up with dehydrated skin, dry skin is a type that lacks sufficient oil. Oil on the surface of the skin acts as a natural barrier to moisture loss. Water can be sealed into the skin, making it look hydrated and healthy, when in balance. When not in balance, the impeded acid mantle can make the skin appear very dry, rough, flaky and looking prematurely aged. Clients who express concerns with makeup going on evenly, looking tired, or feeling like their skin is dull overall. Clients often wish for skin that feels “clean” or plump, and with a consistency that feels soft again.

Recommended Treatments for Dry Skin:
–The Moisture Boost Essential facial
–Moisture Boost Cool Peel

Recommended Products for Dry Skin:
–Vita-Peptide C Quence Serum 1-4 or Vita-Antioxidant AVST Moisturizer 1-4  and Eye Gel
–Vita-Antioxidant Hydrating Oil Capsules
–Hydrating Clay Masque
–Dual Action Pre-Cleansing Oil

Redness or Sensitive Skin

Redness can be caused by numerous internal and external factors. Factors may include the incorrect scrubs or cleansers, long term or chronic sun exposure, stress, or pollution. Redness and rashes are common symptoms clients express to us when under these environmental factors. Some clients who describe themselves as having sensitive skin experience the look of uneven skin texture and itchy skin areas. The compromised skin barrier of sensitive skin is highly reactive and can be extremely uncomfortable for the clients. 

Recommended treatments:
–The Comfort Calm Essential Facial

Recommended Products for skin redness or sensitive skin:
–Vita-Peptide C Quence Serum 1-4 or Vita-Antioxidant AVST Moisturizer 1-4  and Eye Gel

–Vita-Enriched Antioxidant Gel or Colostrum Gel

Clients with rosacea should contact the office to learn about our special protocol combining at-home skincare with a specific in-office peel series. 

Pigmented skin or Pigmentation Skin Issues

Uneven skin tone issues occur when there is an increase in melanin production. Melanin is what gives our skin its color or pigmentation. Overstimulating melanin production may be caused by too much sun exposure, hormonal changes, and/or a genetic predisposition. Clients who express concerns with pigmentation often wish for brighter-looking skin, skin that exudes a glow, or that “dewy” look. Pigmented skin may appear uneven, dull-looking, dry, aged, scarred, or a combination of these. Does this sound like something you experience?

Recommended Treatments for Pigmented Skin:
–Radiance Reveal Essential Facial
–Bright Recovery Cool Peel
–Vibrant-C Cool Peel

Recommended Products for pigmented skin:
–Vita-Peptide C Quence Serum 1-4 or Vita-Antioxidant AVST Moisturizer 1-4 and Eye Gel
+Concentrated Retinol Serum

+Trio Bio-Botanical Revival Masque or Alpha Hydroxy Night Cream 

–3 “hero” pigmentation-specific products:
Multi-Bioactive Mela-Prep Lotion
Intense C-Boost Mela-Even Creme
Vita Botanical Mela-Fade Serum A+B

To learn about our comprehensive 26 week Melanian Control Protocol contact the office.

Blemish Prone Skin

Whether your skin only has occasional breakouts and general congestion or chronic, long term problematic, acne-prone skin, exfoliation and hydration is a likely factor with this common skin concern. 

What causes acne?

Problematic skin is often caused internally by hormones that affect both men and women from puberty onwards. In men, it often goes away after puberty, however in women, they can experience life-long acne issues requiring long term care. The most important skin changes which can lead to problematic, blemish-prone skin is the overproduction of sebum (a normally protective oily layer of the skin) plus the excessive growth of surface skin cells. Too much oil, too little exfoliation, in very elementary terms. The surplus of skin cells will flake and mix with the excel sebum which blocks the little pores, often seen as blackheads. Inflammation or redness of the system leads to a growth in bacteria, a vicious circle. All of this will lead to the appearance of overt pimples. 

Blemish-prone, acne-prone and problematic types is a major concern for the self-esteem of many individuals and is not taken likely for young or old alike. More than six decades of intensive medical research has conclusively proven Vitamin A as the only molecule with the ability to cure and permanently control this common condition. 

Very rarely do you see a product line so specifically crafted for this widespread and highly impactful skin condition as the Environ product line. The Clarity+ products in addition to the concentrated retinol serums, hydrating target products and patented colostrum gel are an almost guaranteed step in the right direction to more healthy, clear-looking skin. The self-esteem and wellbeing of you or your loved one is worth it to try it out today. Do you experience the following?

–Sallow Appearance
–Uneven Texture
–Excess Sebum 
–Presence of Acne
Recommended Treatments for blemish prone and problematic skin:
–Blemish Control Cool Peel
–Microneedling to address scaring
Specifically Recommended Products for blemish-prone or problematic skin:
–Environ’s Clarity+ Line Products
+Concentrated Retinol Step-Up Serums 1-3
–Hydrating Clay Masque
–Vita-Enriched Colostrum Gel 

Using the Environ “Step-Up” Vitamin A Solution For All Skin Care Concerns

As you may have noticed, for all of the above skin concerns (except blemish-prone): aging, dehydrated, dry, pigmented, red, sensitive, the recommended products include one of Environ’s Vitamin-A enriched moisturizing lines– either the Vita-Peptide C Quence Serums 1-4 or Vita-Antioxidant AVST Moisturizers 1-4. So powerful are these daily moisturizing formulations, we recommend getting started on one as soon as possible in conjunction with regular services and necessary targeted treatments. With the attentive and thoughtful guidance of your skin care professionals at Corrective Skin Care Nevada, specific, customized services and products can be recommended to you for your individual needs. 

For any and all of your skin concerns, even the most advanced cases can be gently and effectively treated using research-based skin care products and professional services.  

Let’s get in touch and discuss how we can best serve you on your journey to caring for your best skin ever.

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