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A Hydrated-Looking Holiday: Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Antioxidants and More

At Corrective Skincare of Southern Nevada, we carry skin care products for all skin types and concerns. Dehydrated, rough-looking or dry-feeling skin is a very common concern when weather and humidity changes occur. This blog will highlight some important ingredients that can dramatically improve the look and feel of skin this time of year! 

What Causes Dehydrated-Looking Skin?

Chronically dehydrated skin is missing its vital water content. Dehydrated skin looks rougher, with more wrinkles, fine lines, and pores visible to the naked eye. The solution we recommend, in addition to a professional resurfacing service, are hydration-boosting products and ingredients that will work to maintain healthy acid mantle levels. 

Self-Care through Skin Care

The amazing thing about the Environ skin care is their philosophy to infuse skin-loving ingredients during every step of the skin care process: cleanse, tone, serum, and moisturize. 


For example, the Dual Action Pre-Cleansing Oil contains a combination of nourishing ingredients like Jojoba Seed Oil and other light emollients which will *not* strip the skin of moisture yet is effective at removing surface oils, impurities, and makeup.


Environ’s Cleansers are gentle and leave the skin feeling refreshed, not dry, and vulnerable to the heat and cold elements common in winter. Free of sulfates, the Environ cleansers are another product that can be used daily to help maintain the skin’s moisture levels. The Youth EssentiaA Cleansing Lotion is especially moisturizing containing an emollient derivative of pro-Vitamin B5, effective against the look of redness, an olive oil humectant, an oat-based moisturizing mixture, and jojoba seed oil.

The famous Environ step-up lines all contain essential skin-loving vitamins, antioxidants, peptides, and hydrating components not to mention the Vitamin-A derivative, retinyl palmitate, shown to improve the look of smooth, youthful skin.

Try: The beginner retinol-delivery system, Vita-Antioxidant AVST Moisturizers 

Or the advanced retinol-delivery system, Vita-Peptide C-Quence Moisturizers, and Serums 

Both deliver incredible benefits including moisturized and dewy-looking skin all year long.


A Hyaluronic-Filled Holiday

For powerful targeted treatments, there are super-moisturizing boosting products available to pair with your daily skincare products. The HA Intensive Hydrating Serum contains a high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid, a known moisture magnet, and will leave skin looking smoother (less visible lines), plumper, and more resilient against the heat and cold elements.


Should You Exfoliate In Extremely Hot or Cold Temperatures?

The Tri Bio-Botanical Revival Masque is another incredible add-on to your daily skincare routine. Whether you’re traveling or living somewhere warm this time of year, or if you’re currently in a colder part of the country, exfoliation remains a critical step to leave the skin functioning well. Removing dead skin cells is a positive year-round, so long as you follow up with the moisturizing serum and lotions. After cleansing, use the Revival Masque for 10-20 minutes or as a deeper, overnight resurfacing treatment. Using a combination of three gentle chemical exfoliants (lactic, asiatic, and mandelic acids), you’ll wonder how you lived without it all this time. Who knew your skin could glow throughout December to February too?

Luxe Body Care

Similar to caring for the delicate skin on the face and around the eyes, the body’s skin needs love and care to look moisturized as well. 

Try the Body EssentiA Alpha Hydroxy Derma-Lac Lotion to exfoliate with gentle lactic acid, urea, and ammonium lactate. This will help remove dead skin cells and improve the glow effect of the skin. 

Follow with the Body EssentiA Vitamin A, C & E Body Oil or Body Oil Forte to seal in moisture, and help the skin maintain a normal skin texture no matter what elements you face. 

From the beach to the ski slopes, your skin can maintain the look and feel of moisturization with the right combination of services and daily products.


Let’s get in touch and discuss how we can best serve you on your journey to caring for your best skin ever. Skin Services like a Cool Peel or a Microdermabrasion Service may be just what your skin needs for a booster this time of year.

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