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Chemical Peels For Hyperpigmentation | Know Everything About Them!

Chemical peels have become one of the routine things that women and men both have included in their skincare regime. If you are reading this, we are sure that you are also getting curious to find out all about these chemical peels for hyperpigmentation. Everyone who has hyperpigmented skin would know the pain of trying all types of skincare treatments and watching it fade away over time. After so much research and testing, the derma world now has this effective treatment for hyperpigmentation.

Curious to find everything about chemical peels?

Let’s begin with how chemical peels can treat hyperpigmentation? 

Before we jump to answering this question, you better understand what hyperpigmentation is. For this, you can check our piece on Hyperpigmentation | Everything you need to know.

Once, you go through our piece above, you will get a clear idea of what hyperpigmentation is. Coming back to the original question here, let’s discuss how chemical peel for hyperpigmentation works.

Chemical peels are deep exfoliants that are very much capable of breaking up the clusters of melanin the resulting in the formulation of dark spots. Although, one thing that you need to know here is that there are different types of concentrations of chemical peels.

Be extra careful while choosing the chemical peel, if your intent is to use it at home. Mostly the chemical peels designed for personal use have low concentration and is known to be less effective on hyperpigmentation. So, if you are looking for a hyperpigmentation remedy, it is better that you go with a professional chemical peel treatment. We, at Corrective Skin, provide professional chemical peel for hyperpigmentation. So, if you are looking to get one, you can contact us.

Let’s see how it works now…

How chemical peel for hyperpigmentation works?

The three primary reasons for hyperpigmentation are – sun exposure, hormonal changes, and inflammation. A chemical peel works on these by removing the top layer of the skin, allowing the new healthy skin to grow in place. So, you understand how chemical peel treats hyperpigmentation.

Different types of chemical peels to treat hyperpigmentation

There are three most common types of chemical peels available in the market that are frequently used to treat hyperpigmentation. These three chemical peels include –

  • AHA ~ Alpha Hydroxy Acis peels like Glycolic Acid
  • BHA ~ Beta Hydroxy Acid peels such as Salicylic acid
  • TCA ~ Trichloroacetic acid peels

Depending on the concentration, you can determine how strong the treatment is and in turn how effective it is.

Can chemical peels cause hyperpigmentation?

This is a frequently asked question about chemical peels. The answer is yes, a chemical peel can cause hyperpigmentation when the inflammation that they cause triggers the production of excess melanin. However, it is the reason why you should only trust professionals to analyze your skin and choose the right chemical peel concentration for you. Choosing the wrong chemical peel can definitely cause issues like hyperpigmentation.


In the end, we would like to say that chemical peel treatments have grown high up in demand these days. The simple reason behind the whole demand is that it is one of the most effective skincare solutions. So, if you want to try it out, you can contact us and we will guide you through.

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