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Reimagining Your Skincare Routine

This time of year is the perfect time to reinvent yourself, even if it all starts with your skin. If you’re a long-time user of Environ products and want a refresher on the essential steps to a good skin care routine or perhaps got a new set for the holiday season and want to learn what it’s all about, this blog is for you.

Why People Choose and Use Environ for a Lifetime

For decades, Environ users have shared a common “secret.” They are worry-free. Because they  know they are using the best of the best when it comes to their skin cares research- backed ingredients, clean manufacturing practices, have access to targeted treatment options when a concern arises, and the satisfaction that their skin care expert is using the most safe and effective spa services when they visit their Environ skin care studio.

The Start of Something New 

So how did Environ begin? Many beauty and cosmetic brands are actually owned by just a few big manufactures. But Environ founder Dr. Des Fernandes had the idea for Environ back in 1990s and has fostered a healthy company with the same true values then as it does now. At the same time, Environ has a sense of sophisticated modernity, brainstorming and testing ever-evolving smart innovations as science gets better and better each year. In other words, your skin in 2022 is just as well taken care of as it was in 1991.

Environ’s Philosophy 

The philosophy of Environ is based on knowledge about the largest bodily organ; the skin, what causes it to heal after injury, foster bacteria, develop eczema or wrinkles and more. And by years of meticulous research and clinical trials, Vitamin A swiftly became the most popular kid on the block in the beauty industry because of its effectiveness and tackling the look of smooth, younger-looking skin with use of products containing Vitamin A in various forms like retinol.

Retinol’s Negative Side Effects  

Environ noticed the problem with retinol right away that allowed them to quickly innovate and stand out. The harsh effects of a purely derived Vitamin A like retinol was incredibly harsh on all skin types, often causing redness, dry skin, and reactions that made it effective but not practical.

“Our skin deserves better,” The Environ team thought. “Why can’t we have an effective Vitamin A based skin care system that is practical and allows our users to go out in the sun (with sunscreen of course) and live their life uninhibited?”

The Solution: Retinyl Palmitate  

After more experiments and clinical trials with Vitamin A, the more soluble and friendly elemental derivative retinyl palmitate was born. Still an effective Vitamin A molecule, this fat-soluble component didn’t cause the harsh reactions the privative retinol form seemed to cause. Skeptical but optimistic Environ thought it wise to create a “step-up” system where increasing amounts of the retinyl palmitate could be used in a hydrating moisturizer so that the skin could slowly be introduced to the healing and youth-indistinguishable properties of Vitamin A without negative side effects. The impending results were astounding, and Environ’s signature moisturizer line was released to the public.

Stepping-Up with Vitamin A

It was only a matter of time and word of mouth that Environ spread far and wide across continents, from its local home of Cape Town South Africa to France, the United States and all over. Women, men, teens and all wanted to look their best. Environ could deliver, and did. 

“What Do You Use?”

Today, Environ is so semi-cult following among local skin care enthusiasts, the local skin care esthetician and many celebrities. Just google “Environ celebrity user” or see the latest mention by people like Hailey Beiber.


The products speak for themselves. People love Environ because their products are accessible but highly researched and effective. People feel a certain way when they use these products: bright and beautiful across the lifespan. 

The Gift of Beautiful Skin

Gift cards are a popular present for your loved one. You can purchase one for a certain treatment or amount. 

Let’s get in touch and discuss how we can best serve you on your journey to caring for your best skin ever. If you liked this blog, stay tuned for more from Corrective Skincare of Southern Nevada.

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