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Spooky Skin Concerns: Under Eye Circles and Lip Lines

Some skin care conditions scare us right out of our shoes, like when we wake up after a night of not-so-great sleep and see under eye bags that are as dark as plums. With the right tools and tricks, we can combat these common skin scares and realize they are not so scary after all.

Under Eye Circles and Creases Around the Eyes

If eyes are the window to the soul, we want them to look their best, across the lifespan. So why do under eye circles appear, anyway? The main reasons for dark circles under the eye areas include vascularity, hyperpigmentation or daily stressors like a lack of adequate sleep. Allergies which can cause itchy skin around the eyes, and subsequent eye-rubbing habits can contribute to the look of dark circles as well.

Pigmentation- As with other areas of the skin, sun exposure can lead to pigmentation, or a darkening of the under eye area. General body inflammation can also exacerbate the darkening effect. 

Genetics– In addition, dark circles are often genetically inherited in darker skin types. There is no established treatment for genetically-inherited dark under eye circles, however some improvement can be seen with chemical exfoliation and laser treatments. 

Vascularity and Aging Skin– The skin around the orbital area is very delicate, and the blood circulation around that area is more noticeable as a result. This skin only becomes thinner as we age. Sometimes triggered the allergies, the blood capillaries may swell slightly, causing an appearance of dark circles. 

The Solution- To improve the overall appearance of the eye area, it’s beneficial to keep the skin and the surrounding area in a general healthy-looking state. Easier said than done, but not impossible. Use products daily containing essential vitamins- A, C, E, peptides and antioxidants. Vitamin A is the skin “normalizer” and contributes to the look of healthy, plump and rested skin. 

skin essentiA eye gel

Environ’s Skin EssentiA Antioxidant & Peptide Eye gel was scientifically formulated for use around the delicate eye area. The solution contains antioxidants Rooibos, Honeybush and Resveratrol, all shown to effectively combat the effects of free radical activities. Peptides are what act in synergy to promote the appearance of smooth-looking skin, improved tone and youthful elasticity.

Environ Vita-Peptide Eye Gel

The advanced Environ formula for aggressive action towards aging is Youth EssentiA. The Youth EssentiA Vita-Peptide Eye Gel contains a highly specialized system of essential components like Vitamins (A, C, &E), peptides and a new form of hydrating hyaluronic acid, Optim-Hyla™. The light weight eye gel targets restoring hydrating elements to the skin, making it appear plump-looking, smooth and bright from within.

Use of one of these two under eye serums on a daily basis will help improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Dark circles, puffiness and fine lines are no match with an Environ-based skin care routine.

Lip Lines

Cool weather takes a toll on the delicate skin around and on the lips. Suddenly, the balmy warmth of summer and early fall is gone, and we’re reminded to buy a new unknown moisturizing lotion from a targeted ad. But is that the only solution for fine lines around the lips? What’s the smart solution?

A Serum Just For Fine Lines- We know prevention is the key to great-looking skin. Two ways to keep the lips looking full, plump, juicy and sexy throughout the year is by using a results-driven serum around the mouth area. Environ’s Peptide-Enriched Frown Serum from the Focus Care Youth+ utilizes powerful peptides: Argireline, Leuphasyl and Sny-Ake. These three patented peptides work together to reduce the appearance of the small frown lines that can truly age us beyond our years. The serum is also a two-punch solution for expression lines in the forehead area. 

Peptide Enriched Frown Serum

Use this powerful, peptide-packed serum on the frown line and for expression lines on the forehead area. Regular use leaves tired-looking skin more refreshed, relaxed and renewed.

Skin care tools like Environ’s Cosmetic Focus-CIT™ roller creates tiny channels in harder-to-reach areas of the skin, allowing the serums ability to go deep. This tool allows your favorite moisturizer or serum to do its job on the maximum level to create the appearance of smoother, younger-looking skin anywhere needed. 

Hydration and DietOne of the pillars of looking and feeling great is by staying hydrated! The largest organ of the body, the skin, thrives by staying hydrated with water throughout the diet. Other water-rich foods also contribute to glowing, radiant-looking skin. It’s no wonder many holistic-minded celebrities often express they have stopped drinking alcohol or have converted to a lifestyle more focused on vegetables; the beauty experts all agree, this is one way to help the skin look youthful for years and years. 

Smoking Habits- Any inhalant to the lungs causes a domino effect for multiple body systems including on the largest organ in the body- the skin. Fine lines on the lip or forehead area become especially prevalent over time. We recommend asking your local medical professional about how to reduce and make a decision to cease a smoking habit. Your skin and health will thank you later. 

Take Action

Another tip you may encounter is to do regular face exercises to encourage blood flow or encourage new collagen growth. Instead, we recommend getting a regular facial, which employs strategies like deep exfoliation, steam technology and other tools that will address concerns about collagen and skin tone. Ask us about our facials during a complimentary consultation. 

Let’s get in touch and discuss how we can best serve you on your journey to caring for your best skin ever.

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