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Spring Cleaning | What To Keep, What to Toss…

It’s time to purge the old and re-order things to start off this Spring in a fresh, powerful way. But what do we toss, and what do we keep? Let’s go over the basics of skincare and dive in. 

To Toss or Keep? 

The best products to keep are the ones you will actually use. 

Daily habits are powerful. If you’re not going to consistently use something, it may benefit to pause a moment and ask why not– is the product too messy, does it take too long to apply, or wash off? Could the product be used in the shower, or even on-the-go? If not, it may be on your “toss” list.

As for what to keep, read on.

Look at your beauty products, and evaluate- “Do I have something for each of these four key steps?” 






CLEANSING | Your cleanser should gently help you remove dirt from the skin without stripping part of the skin’s protective barrier. Unfortunately, many cleansers do just that. If a cleanser is too harsh, it could be doing more damage than good. A good cleanser sets the skin up for success when used in conjunction with your other products. Environ cleansers are effective at cleaning the skin while maintaining the look and feel of hydrated, healthy skin. The soft, gentle, and luxurious feel of the Environ cleansers will make you rethink everything you have previously believed about skin cleansers.


TONING | A great toner should work in synergy with your other products to assist with the appearance of better-hydrated, healthy-looking, even-toned skin. For some, the concept of toner is outdated. They may think that toner is flat-out unnecessary or even “full of alcohol.” Environ’s Skin EssenA range of toners, for example, is not like other toners. We also recommend the effective AHA toner which helps gently remove dead skin cells using alpha hydroxy acid and other gentle ingredients. Environ toners are expertly formulated; they are silky-feeling hydration that helps revive the look of your skin and prep the skin perfectly for your Environ moisturizer. Use your Environ Toner after cleansing and just before you use your Cosmetic Roller.

MOISTURISING | Environ’s unique step-up system of Vitamin A, C, E, peptide, antioxidant, and peptide-filled moisturizers ensures a gentle, yet effective vitamin-delivery system for any skin type. Environ recommends starting off with the lowest level of Vitamin A serum first so that you can gradually introduce Vitamin A back to the skin and likely avoid an irritating reaction. Once the skin is used to that level, you may graduate to the next level. Vitamin A, in combination with other topical vitamins, antioxidants, peptides, and growth factors is important to keep the skin looking healthy throughout its lifespan.

PROTECTING | Using a broad-spectrum SPF (sun protection factor) cream every day is absolutely vital to maintaining healthy-looking skin throughout your life. You should never leave the house without this protective step, rain or shine. UVA and UVB rays penetrate through windows, and glasses, and are nearly impossible to avoid. We know sunshine is good when it helps us convert Vitamin D in our bodies, but leaving the skin unprotected is a fast way to look more aged and leaves you more vulnerable to developing melanoma. 

MASKS, SERUMS, & MORE | Again, what will you actual use? Masks, serums, and supplement creams can be highly effective when used as part of your daily or weekly routine. Read on to make sure your favorite exfoliators, masks, and serums are not expired. And if so, we say, Keep!


–Expired skincare products

Believe it or not skincare products, Environ products especially, lose their efficacy after 6 months or so. Our packaging is as sealed as possible to ensure as long a shelf-life as possible, but it is still good to be aware of the expiration date. Sunscreens and certain masks, however, tend to last a bit longer up to 12 months after opening.

–Change in color

–Change in odor

–Change in texture- separated, clumped, thicker, thinner than usual

Any change in the product color, odor, or consistency can be an indication the formula of the product is compromised. Toss it!

Are My Products Still Age-Appropriate?

We know that skin care is not one-size-fits-all.

And instead of age, think of this: why don’t we consider products based on a needs-and-usage approach, to fit your lifestyle and your individual goals?

Environ products are widely varied and thus highly customizable. Environ products were designed to benefit any skin type, age, and need. Environ products are designed for professional use and with guidance from a local expert, you can create a unique system for years and decades to come.

Living Clutter-Free 

Negative space can be powerful and allow your brain to operate as efficiently as possible. Only have in the home things you actively use or feel are beautiful. 

Consistency + Habit Building

The secret is in the daily habits. Any esthetician or dermatologist will tell you that professional treatments like facials and dermabrasion are great, but daily home care is essential to maintaining lovely-looking skin. Just remember your simple 4 steps: Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize, and Protect! Daily routines are the path to long-term success in any area of life. You can apply the daily-routine mindset to many areas of life such as finances, exercise, or nutrition. For skincare, the daily mentality works very well, as maintaining healthy skin is a daily labor of love not weekly or monthly. 

Let’s get in touch and discuss how we can best serve you on your journey to caring for your best skin ever.

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