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Environ Cool Peels

Refine, revive and brighten your skin.

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For breakouts, scarring, & skin renewal

Environ Cool Peel Facial Rejuvenation & Repair in Las Vegas, NV

In our 20s, our skin grows, emerges, and sheds every 21 to 27 days. But as we age, that cellular process slows, taking up to 40 days or longer for some of us. At Corrective Skincare of Southern Nevada, we offer a newer, more effective and comfortable version of the time-tested chemical peel. Our cool peels increase the cellular turnover rate and feature an evaporating agent to limit the sensation of heat. Available in Youth Renewal, Moisture Boost, Deep Cleansing, and Bright Recovery varieties, there’s a cool peel for every concern at Corrective Skincare in Henderson, NV.

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Environ Cool Peel Varieties

At Corrective Skincare, we can match your expectations and desires with one of our science-backed cool peels. Combine LED light therapy with exfoliating, hydrating, and toning serums to treat everything from general signs of aging to blemishes. During your consultation, we’ll determine the right peel for you from among four leading varieties.

  • Youth Renewal: Reduce the signs of premature aging for a vibrant & refreshed look
  • Moisture Boost: Boost skin glow & combat tired, dry-looking skin
  • Deep Cleansing: Ideal for congested skin and those prone to outbreaks
  • Bright Recovery: Reverse sun damage to achieve a more even complexion

Environ Cool Peel FAQs

On average, patients need six cool peel treatments for maximum results. The ultimate number of treatments will depend on your skin condition and expectations. During your consultation at Corrective Skincare of Southern Nevada, we’ll speak with you about your desires and medical history to determine the best approach.

To learn more about our cool peel process, call us today at (702) 423-3426 or contact us online.

Unlike chemical peels, cool peels feature an evaporating agent that limits the sensation of heat on the skin. This makes cool peels even more comfortable than traditional chemical peels.

For the best results, we recommend a series of six cool peel treatments. Depending on your degree of facial scarring, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, or fine lines/wrinkles, you may start to notice visible results within a week of each session with the ultimate benefits apparent after the final treatment.

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Give Healthier Skin Room To Grow

Contrary to popular opinion, facial scars and other imperfections are not set in stone.  Your skin is an evolving part of you—one that can change and improve with the right treatments.

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